Counselling in Chester

How are you feeling? Great? Life is wonderful when we feel great.

Not so great? More like:

  • anxious
  • lost and alone
  • sad or depressed
  • grieving
  • unsure which way to go
  • questioning yourself
  • feeling rubbish about yourself

When you have these feelings it can seem like you are the only person in the world who does. It can be a very lonely feeling.

It is important to know you don’t have to face these feelings alone.

I’m Julie, and I can offer support as you talk about what troubles you.

If you are looking for a warm, quiet, reflective and open minded person to talk to then please contact me for an appointment

I work from quiet and comfortable counselling rooms in Upton by Chester, easily accessible from West Cheshire, Wirral and North East Wales.

I have a special interest in issues around abuse and loss, particularly child abuse, rape, partner abuse, life limiting illness, mid life changes (including menopause), bereavement, grief and companion animal loss.

I work with people like you. You don’t have to feel you are the only person who feels like this, you are not alone

julie Millar BACP register no
Julie Millar MBACP registered member number 356616





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I’m feeling… what counselling can help with

Counselling  can help when you are feeling:

  • sad
  • anxious
  • grief
  • down
  • bewildered
  • lost

counselling can help when:

  • you are puzzled by your own behaviour
  • you feel you are acting out of character
  • you feel you are your own worst enemy
  • you feel distant from those you love
  • you feel rubbish about yourself

all of these feelings and experiences may be the result of something you are aware of, such as child abuse, mid life changes, or bereavement. Or you may not know why you feel the way you do.

When you feel like this the world can seem a very lonely place. You are not alone.

Counselling can help explore these feelings and experiences and help you find your way to understanding yourself.

Please contact me on 07761 023027 or jmillarcounselling@gmail.com.  All information provided by you is kept in accordance with the privacy policy.

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About Julie

Are you thinking of contacting me? I thought it would be nice if you knew a little about me.

Julie Millar MBACP
Julie Millar MBACP

I trained as a counsellor at the University of Chester, graduating with distinction. I have counselling experience with adult clients in a hospice, a sexual abuse support charity and in an agency that supports all .  I have worked with clients who have experienced:

  • bereavement
  • life limiting illness
  • cancer survivorship
  • role change (spouse/partner to carer)
  • child sexual abuse
  • rape and sexual assault
  • partner abuse
  • loss (job/role/hopes and dreams)
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • lack of self esteem
  • low mood

My qualifications are:

MA Clinical Counselling (University of Chester)

Cert HE Advanced Counselling Studies (University of Plymouth)

I am trained in the Person Centred Approach, a non-directive form of counselling which focuses on feelings and providing a safe environment where you can explore what is important to you.

I regularly undertake continuing professional education to keep my  knowledge up to date, covering issues such as child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault, bereavement, self injury/harm, and the use of art and creativity in counselling.

I  have regular meetings with my counselling supervisor to ensure I practice safely and ethically. I am working towards accreditation with BACP.

Before training as a counsellor I have worked as an accountant,  a hospital chaplain and in an informational role for a major UK charity.

I am non judgemental and respect the broad range of spiritual and religious beliefs, agnosticism and atheism.

I am a registered member of BACP, and work to their ethical standards, a summary of which may be found here.

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Julie Millar MBACP registered member

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Please call, text or email for availability of counselling sessions. I work with adults (18+ years) only.

One to one counselling:

I offer a half price (£20) initial 50 minute session.

All subsequent sessions are £40 for 50 minutes.

At the first meeting I will go through confidentiality, take some information about you, explain my note keeping, and say why and how this information is stored. This first meeting is also a chance to confirm if we would work well together.

All information taken is kept in accordance with my privacy policy

The number of sessions needed varies enormously and depends on the issues you bring, and we can discuss this at the initial session.

I accept payment by cheque, cash, and bank transfer at the time of meeting.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are charged a late cancellation fee of £10.

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Contact and location

I work from rooms in Upton-by-Chester, just off the A41 with easy access from the A55 and M53, and the X8 and 51 buses. Parking is available on street.

The counselling room has level access but is not accessible for wheelchair users.

Please contact me direct by:

Email jmillarcounselling@gmail.com.

Please bear in mind email is not a secure method of communication for personally sensitive material.

Phone 07761 023027

When you leave me a message please let me know if I can leave a message, or if someone else is likely to answer the ‘phone. This is to protect your confidentiality.

I am the only person who has access to messages left on my mobile, or my email account.

Waiting Room 03(1) 1
Counselling waiting room

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Time for yourself

In this video I share a simple technique to give yourself a minute to stop and just be. https://youtu.be/LnKT_on7WT8


A short video about the fast pace of modern life and finding time for yourself in counselling https://youtu.be/AnsTGyN6X58


Burnout affects many people.  This is what it might feel like https://youtu.be/gu4U96w4qu8




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