When I was a child and teenager cancer was spoken of quietly. More openness has helped people understand cancer and the treatments available, and people living with cancer feel less isolated. Despite various fly on the wall documentaries, celebrity autobiographies, and social media, there are still some subjects that are not talked about, and two [...]


Winter. Mornings are dark, so far this January every day here in the North West of England has been grey (and I know the same is true for other parts of the UK), the daylight hours are shorter than the dark hours. It is easy to feel surrounded by darkness, and to want to hibernate. [...]


When we think about loss perhaps our thoughts go to loss through bereavement. Everyday objects, birthdays and anniversaries remind us of someone we miss. However, as I wrote in my last post about change, this loss through bereavement is not the only sort of loss that distresses and disorientates us. Sometimes the loss is something [...]